Prepare yourself for a career in the service and hospitality industry that covers a broad category of fields including the delivery and management of food & beverages, lodging, events, travels and tourism.  

Majors in Hospitality and Services

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See All Tourism Management Courses Tourism is defined as travelling and staying outside your normal residence and work-place. Tourism management will deepen your understanding about tourism as an activity, how the industry is organised and developed, and how tourism influences society.
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This programme takes students through key stages of classical and international cuisine preparation, garde manger, butchery, patisserie and bakery. At the same time, students will learn to develop your professionalism in producing world class cuisine.

See All Event Management Courses This course is designed to equip students with fundamental work skills for the events industry and the ability to recognise the industry’s development and growth. Graduates of the programme are expected to be competent to handle not only the common event, hospitality and tourism practice but as well to provide advice on complex strategic issues in business decision making process.
See All Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses It’s all about food, accommodation and drinks. It’s all about tourists, travelling, attractions and customer service. Basically, hospitality and tourism is all about helping people enjoy themselves when they’re out and about.
See All Hospitality Management Courses

Hospitality management refers to the study of the hospitality industry and its management needs. People who are interested in careers in the industry may opt to pursue it as a field of study so that they can start their careers on solid footing.

The hospitality industry is vast and very diverse. Any time people travel, stay in a hotel, eat out, go to the movies, and engage in similar activities, they are patronising establishments in the industry.

See All Hotel Management Courses Students will obtain an overview of the accommodation and foodservice operations and management; plus a good understanding of the hospitality business. Graduates will be able to demonstrate an advanced knowledge of food and beverage, housekeeping, front office and the general operation of hotels and resorts.

Career Opportunities After Graduating

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