Event Designer


Event design is arguably the most important component in event planning. An event designer is responsible in designing and setting the theme and visual style for an event, be it weddings, sales roadshow, marketing gallery or corporate events.

Nature of the job

This position is well suited for creative individuals with a penchant for creating beautiful set up. While that is the primary criterion, equally important a trait is patience. Bear in mind that design work is usually very iterative, and the meticulous side of you will want to perfect every single detail, even the smallest ones. Chances are, you may be dealing with difficult and fickle minded clients. Be prepared to update or change your concepts even after they have been agreed upon. Working late into the night and weekends is not uncommon especially when your project has a tight timeline. You may find yourself pulling your hair or screaming your lungs out every now and then, all on the name of de-stressing. The translation of your design concept into real life 3D installation is another challenge. From decor to lighting, from flowers to backdrop, you have to be very hands on to build the desired ambience. The key is always in the details.

It can be an extremely stressful job, but it can also be very rewarding. You don’t only set up beautiful events, you also craft lasting, meaningful memories for your clients and their event attendees. You will have an office or studio to do your design and other related work, but most of the time, you will be out meeting clients or at the event sites supervising decor installation.

Job Description
  • Responsible in brainstorming for design concepts and present to clients to get the final buyoff
  • Execute and oversee the design installation
  • Source for decorations and other props for the event and make sure all the expenses are within budget

Career Progress: Advertising/ Computer graphics designer > Event designer > Set up own practice