Resort Manager


A Resort Manager manages all aspects of a resort to ensure operations run smoothly.

Nature of the job

Resort managers oversee the entire running of a resort. Operations wise, you are responsible for ensuring that the resort is operating in tip-top condition. This includes managing the accounting, marketing, stocking of housekeeping supplies, F&B, human resource, customer service etc. You are also responsible for HR which includes the housekeeping, security, desk and dining personnel. All this while ensuring that your customers have the best possible holiday experience. Fret not, as you may be working from some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic locations!

As a resort manager, you are required to have strong leadership skills and communication skills. You must be able to communicate with not only the customers but also to employees from all levels. It would be an extra bonus if you are multilingual.  

Bear in mind that this is not an entry level role. You will need to gain a few years of experience in the hospitality industry and work your way up. You will also need to put in long hours, work on weekends and holidays. Your hours will also depend heavily on the travel or holiday seasons.  

Job Description
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of the resort ensuring high service standards
  • Manage all aspect of business including sales, marketing, budgeting and finance etc.
  • Responsible for overall performance of the resort

Career Progress: Assistant Manager/ Front Desk > Department Manager > General Manager