Event Coordinator


Event coordinators, also known as event specialists, plan and execute a variety of events according to clients’ expectations. The events can be corporate in nature, such as conventions, meetings, technical showcases; or personal and intimate ones like birthday parties and weddings.

Nature of the job

If you aspire to be an event coordinator, then you need to know that it is not all red carpets and glamourous events. True enough, you will be attending MANY events, but that is because you are the coordinator and you need to be there to oversee everything.

There is a lot of hard work behind a successful event. For starter,  you need to meet up with clients to understand their expectations and budgets. Then, you need to brainstorm for some ideas or ‘moodboard’ and run them by your clients. This can be a very iterative process until you get it right. You need to prepare the project budgets, engage relevant vendors, schedule event services such as catering, and oversee the decor-audio-visual installation, amongst many other responsibilities. That said, you need to have significant multitasking ability, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to succeed in this role. You will work in an office to tend to administrative tasks. But for most part of your job, you will be out and about meeting clients and vendors, or at event site to coordinate and oversee the installation. It can be rather demanding and exhausting, it helps to have certain level of physical fitness. Working hours are usually long, and weekend commitments are common, especially when there are events.

Job Description
  • Meet with clients to understand their requirements and budget
  • Prepare and present ideas or ‘moodboard’ to customers
  • Manage all details of the events to achieve the desired outcome

Career Progress: Event coordinator > Set up own event planning company