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Scholar Search was created to match students like you, with suitable scholarships based on your academic results, co-curricular achievements and/or socio-economic backgrounds. Our experienced counsellors will provide valuable insights on how to select and apply for your best option in higher education.

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In collaboration with our scholarship sponsors that consist of universities, corporates and foundations, you can now apply online through Uni Enrol and get instant updates upon being shortlisted

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Uni Enrol Impact Report

Since the incorporation of Uni Enrol in 2017, we have engaged and counselled over 10,000 students and helped many of them secure scholarships and financial aid. Our impact and footprint continue to grow rapidly!

RM 12,000,000
Total Savings in Education Cost
As of November 2018
that successfully applied for courses/scholarships via Uni Enrol
Uni Enrol Bursary
allocated to students as part of our own sponsorship
Average Savings
per student secured through our scholarship matching
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