Front Office Assistant


Similar to Guest Service Officers, Front Office Assistants oversees all aspects of office management. They ensure positive the first impressions of the company. However, they work across many industries and are not limited to the hospitality industry.

Nature of the job

Firsts things first, what is the impression you get when entering an office space as a client or visitor? Is it presentable? Is it friendly? Is it professional? This depends very much on the Front Office Assistants. You are expected to manage and oversee the smooth management of the office which include greeting clients, answering and transferring phone calls, processing mail and deliveries, stocking office supplies and multiple other HR-related functions. In smaller establishments, you may also be asked to work on minimal accounts and payroll. In others, you may also be responsible for employee engagement and be the resident planner for all team building activities and office parties.

As you will be interacting with employees and clients on any typical day, an approachable personality is certainly a plus. You also need to maintain a professional appearance always as this is reflective on the company you work in. You will also need good organisational skills. You can easily achieve work-life balance in this role and expect to work normal hours.

Job Description
  • Handling all office management and administration
  • Responsible for handling certain areas of staff welfare
  • Ensure that office setting is presentable

Career Progress: Front Office Assistant > Front Office Manager