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University of York
Intakes : Sep
Duration : 3 years
Award : University of York

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Entry Requirements


Registration Fee
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Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 355,590
Estimated Total Fees
MYR 355,590

Course Content

Year 1

  • Evidence and Methods 
  • Group Research Project 
  • Political Communities in World History 
  • What is Politics? 

Year 2

  • Historical Thinking

Year 3

  • Dissertation

Option Modules

Year 1

  • Introduction to Democratic Politics
  • Introduction to International Politics
  • Introduction to Political Theory

Year 2

You will also study five option modules. In previous years, options have covered topics such as:

  • Ancien Régime France, 1500-1787
  • Britain in the Long Twentieth Century
  • From Grave Robbers to Gene Therapy: The Rise of Modern Medicine
  • Histories in Public: Understandings of the Past in Today's Society
  • Kingship, Rule and Mythmaking: England 1065-1307
  • Narrators and Historical Memory in the Middle Ages
  • Righteous Might: American Politics and Society since 1877
  • The Tudor Regime: Power, Propaganda and Faith, 1485-1603
  • An Inconvenient Truth: Climate and Capitalism in the Modern World
  • Black Radicalism in the Americas
  • Britain and the World Since 1945
  • Catherine the Great 1763 – 1796
  • From the Global Shadows: Africa and the World since the 1950s
  • Knowledge and Empire, c.1760-1965
  • The Making of England, c.850-1066
  • What News?' People and Politics in Early Modern Britain
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy 
  • History of Political Thought 
  • State, Economy and Society 
  • Empire, War and Law 
  • The Politics of Gender 
  • Democracy, Autocracy and the State 
  • Politics in the United Kingdom 
  • The European Union: Politics and Policies 
  • Politics of Development 
  • The Rising Powers 
  • War and Peace 
  • The United States and Global Politics After the Cold War 
  • Human Rights and Wrongs in the Globalised World 
  • Critical Global Security Studies 
  • Global Political Economy 

Year 3

You will also study four option modules. In previous years, options have covered topics such as:

  • From Colonial to Post-Colonial States? The Twentieth Century Caribbean
  • Improvement, Modernization or Violence? 'Development' in Historical Perspective
  • Inquisitors and Heretics in the High Middle Ages
  • Ireland in the Age of Revolution
  • Possession: Objects and Ownership in Early Modern England, c.1650-c.1750
  • Rebellion and Revolution: The British Civil Wars, 1637-51
  • Revolution in the Streets: Faith, Poverty, and Religious Ferment, c.1200
  • Second-Class Citizens: Migration in Modern Europe
  • The French Wars of Religion, 1559-94
  • The Ghosts of Gandhi: India and Africa since the Late Nineteenth Century
  • The Russian Revolution, 1917-21
  • Thomas More: Learning, Politics and Religion in England, 1500-35
  • Gender and Political Theory 
  • Knowledge and Ignorance in Democratic Politics 
  • The Idea of Liberty 
  • Political Participation and Democracy 
  • Green Politics 
  • British Foreign Policy after the Cold War 
  • Territory and Conflict in the former Soviet Union 
  • Regionalism in World Politics 
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism 
  • Global Politics of Nuclear Weapons 
  • Governing the Global Economy 
  • Contemporary Politics of South Asia 
  • Governmentality: Michel Foucault and the Analytics of Power 
  • Politics and the Novel 
  • 'We the people': Ideas of Democratic Representation from Rousseau to Occupy 
  • Karl Marx 
  • Politics and the Street 
  • The Labour Party ad Britain's Struggle for Socialism 
  • Policy Analysis in Theory and Practice 
  • Global Sustainability and Energy Policy 
  • Political Economy of the New Europe 
  • Political Transition in the Middle East: A Century of Conflict 
  • The Politics of Security in Africa 
  • Statebuilding and Political Transition in South East Asia 
  • The Global Food System 
  • Ethnicity and Conflict 
  • Ethics and Public Policy (PEP) 

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