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Get sponsored and work with Sunway Medical,
one of the leading healthcare providers in Malaysia

If you are inspired to make a difference in other people’s lives and feel that nursing could be your calling, then why not consider applying for the Sunway Medical Nursing Scholarship.

Sunway Medical Centre is offering this full scholarship to Malaysian students with SPM, STPM or other pre-university qualification, who wants to pursue a 3-year Diploma or a 4-year Bachelor degree in Nursing.

The entire studies of the scholarship recipients will be fully sponsored, which includes tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses until the end of the programme.

Upon graduation, scholarship recipients would get a 5-year job placement at Sunway Medical Centre and gain valuable work experience so that they can advance their nursing career.


About Our Sponsor and Us

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Sunway Medical Centre

Sunway Healthcare is part of the Sunway Group, one of Malaysia's largest conglomerates with core interests in property, construction, education and healthcare.

The group currently runs Sunway Medical Centre, which is one of the largest private tertiary hospitals in the region with 533 beds and is accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

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Uni Enrol

Uni Enrol is an online enrolment platform that aims to help students by matching them with the most suitable course and best scholarship. Since December 2017, Uni Enrol has matched 120 students with over RM2.5m worth of scholarship.

Now, in collaboration with Sunway Medical Centre, you can apply for Sunway Medical Full Scholarship in Nursing through Uni Enrol!

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Scholarship Requirements

You must fulfill the following criteria to apply for this scholarship
Uni Enrol SPM nature of the job
Diploma in Nursing

Minimum 5 credits including
• Bahasa Malaysia
• English
• Mathematics
• Science or Biology
• 1 other subject

- OR -
stpm icon
Bachelor Degree in Nursing

Minimum CGPA of 2.50

green checking tick icon Malaysian citizen
green checking tick icon 18-25 years old
green checking tick icon Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia & English
green checking tick icon Added advantage if you can speak other languages
Participating Nursing Schools

Students sponsored under this programme will be studying at one of these colleges or universities

1 Adventist College of Nursing and Health Sciences

2 University Malaya Medical Centre
3 Sunway University
4 International Medical College Malaysia
5 Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College
6 University Tunku Abdul Rahman

7 Oriental Nilam College of Nursing and Health Sciences

How do I secure this scholarship?

Apply online and go through this 6-stage process to secure your Sunway Medical Nursing Scholarship in less than 1 month
1. Submit Application

Fill in the application form online and please include all your details and documentation for evaluation

2. Set Appointment

If shortlisted, you will be advised on the preparation required and an interview appointment will be set

3. Attend Interview

A representative from Sunway Medical Centre will conduct a phone interview with you as per appointment

4. Receive Offer Letter

Successful applicants will receive an offer letter from both Sunway Medical and the nursing school that you will be attending

5. Medical Check Up

You are required to undergo a medical check-up and submit the report to Sunway Medical Centre as proof of your health condition

Note: You must have good mental and physical health with no disability that might hinder your daily work performance
6. Confirm Acceptance

Your acceptance into the scholarship programme will be official after completing an agreement with Sunway Medical

Note: The start date of your nursing course will depend on the course intake month of your respective institution
Nursing as a Career

Nursing is not just a profession, it is a lifelong mission to serve and help others who are in need.

Nurses who are passionate in their work are committed to putting their patients’ health and safety as top priority. They work selflessly to ensure that their patients receive the proper care and treatment that they need.

How to become a Registered Nurse

To become a certified Registered Nurse, you are required to:

  • Pass the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination
  • Register with the Nursing Board as a Registered Nurse
  • Obtain the Annual Practising Certificate (APC)

You are qualified to practise this profession only when you have fulfilled all the above requirements.

Why choose Nursing as a Career

Endless Learning Opportunities

Nurses have the option to pursue Advanced Degrees after completing their basic certificate qualifications

Variety in Nursing Specialisations

Nurses can choose to go into a specialisation that suit their interest such as critical care, oncology and paediatric

High Demand For Nurses

Malaysia needs 130,000 qualified nurses by 2020 to accommodate the nurse-to-population ratio of 1:200

Opportunity To Travel The World

There is a high demand for nurses in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Provide Emotional Support

Nurses enjoy seeing their patients recover from illnesses and lead healthy lives

Find Value And Meaning In Their Work

It is a calling that keeps them going despite the hardships encountered during their nursing profession

Why Take Diploma?
  • More emphasise on practical experience and training through laboratory work and clinical placements.
  • Diploma takes just 3 years to complete, so you can start advancing your career at an earlier age.
  • For example, you can choose to go into a clinical specialisation like oncology, critical care or emergency room, after 6 months of working experience in the field.
Why Take Degree?
  • Degree holders are typically paid more due to the multiple skill sets they have acquired from their course such as management and research.
  • You can explore other healthcare-related career opportunities in non-hospital settings like teaching, research and consulting.
  • Depending on the work experience, Registered Nurses with a Degree can consider career options such as Nurse Educator, Nurse Researcher or even Nurse Risk Manager.

3 Reasons to apply for Sunway Medical Nursing Scholarship

Career Advancement

Sunway Medical Centre is the first hospital in South East Asia to be accredited by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS). Therefore, the work experience gained here during the 5-year job placement will significantly boost your resume for future career advancement.

Competitive Salary

As one of the leading private healthcare providers in Malaysia, Sunway Medical Centre offers competitive salary to their healthcare professionals, including Registered Nurses, in order to attract and retain the best talents.

Expansion to Multiple Locations

Sunway Group is planning to build 5 more hospitals by 2022 across 3 states i.e. Penang (Sunway Penang, Sunway Seberang Perai), Perak (Sunway Ipoh) and Kuala Lumpur (Sunway Velocity). This expansion translate to more opportunies for career growth and transfer to a location closer to home.

What Are You Waiting For?

There are only 100 slots available for this scholarship programme. Register now before it is completely filled up!


Nursing student soon huat testimonial
Wong Soon Huat
Thank you Uni Enrol for helping me to get to know about the nursing course in Sunway. Especially Ms Audrey, the counsellor who guide me to know more about the procedure to apply. Thanks to her a lot. The check in to the accommodation was very smooth and the facilities is very good. Thanks to Uni Enrol for the good service, appreciate it.
nursing student yu jing testimonial
See Yu Jing
It was only 2 weeks ago since I had apply the nursing scholarship online. The applying process is really fast, but enough for me to prepare everything, mentally and physically. The counsellor in Uni Enrol is very dedicated and responsible. For me, she is more like a helpful friend. Throughout the whole process, even until now, she accompanied me and teach me step by step. Sincerely, thanks to her!! Good service, I hope more students can apply for this full scholarship.