Warehouse Manager


A warehouse manager oversees the receipt, storage, and dispatch of goods in a warehouse.

Nature of the job

Warehousing is an important part of the supply chain process. As a warehouse manager, you are responsible for everything that happens within a warehouse. You will manage the overall warehouse operations on the materials or products that are received and dispatched. This job will also require you to manage the supplier-customer relationships. Therefore, having communication skills is one of the desired skills of this job as you will be facing and dealing with various stakeholders.

Working hours are not fixed. Shipment, be it from a domestic or international source can come in at any time, therefore your on-call commitments are high. You will also be responsible for the security, hygiene and health and safety of your warehouse and stock. Highly specialised areas of this job includes the storage of temperature-controlled or hazardous materials.

Job Description
  • Oversee the inbound, outbound activities in the warehouse and ensure that these activities are carried out in accordance to procedure and standards.
  • Responsible for up keeping the health and safety standards of the warehouse
  • Responsible for proper storage of materials and pest control management in the warehouse

Career Progress: Warehouse Executive > Warehouse Manager > Warehouse Senior Manager > Warehouse General Manager