Video Editor


A film or video editor is primarily involved in the post editing part of a video production.

Nature of the job

You may find yourself playing a one man show for certain parts of the job. Collaboration with editors of different disciplines, such as sound effects, music and computer graphics typically come later after the initial framework for the video is completed. It can be a very iterative process, so patience is definitely a good trait to have. Technical skills wise, you need to be proficient in using editing softwares such as Avid or Final Cut Pro. Your skills and creativity determines the quality of the finished product. You need to be able to work and deliver results under pressure and tight schedules.

Bear in mind that this is not an entry-level job. You need to work your way up the ladder. You may start off as a runner, then progress to assistant editor before being promoted the full editorial role. The large production houses usually have a few editors in house. Even with that said, they also work regularly with freelancers, as the industry has become increasingly project-based. The editing work is usually done in an editing studio. Freelancers can opt to rent the studio or work from home if you have the necessary equipments.

Job Description
  • Responsible for the compilation of raw footage material, be it photos or videos
  • Put the raw footage together using computer softwares into a finished product
  • Edit, reorder or fine tune the video where necessary
  • Incorporate graphic elements, dialogues, music clips, sound effects and special effects  where relevant

Career Progress: Runner > Assistant editor > Senior editor