User Interface Designer


As its title suggests, user interface designers are responsible for the graphical user interface. A UI designer creates something that is visually appealing, while making sure that the interface is friendly to use.

Nature of the job

Much like a makeup artist, you take care of how your subject looks. Open up your most used app/ website, like Instagram or Snapchat. How do you find the user interface? Is this colour scheme consistent? Is that choice of typography appropriate? Is the design cohesive across the app? How does the app or webpage look overall? On point or needs further touch up? You get the idea. The primary criterion to be a UI designer is that you need to be artistic and care about aesthetics, with a sharp eye for details. Is the font size too small? Is there an extra space between the two words?

Always think from a user’s perspective of what would work and what would not. Research and know your audience well. Design for them, not design what you want. UI designers often work in a team, so team spirit is important. Maintain a strong working relationship with your team of other UI designers, UX designers, software engineers, programmers and many others. There will be times where you need to defend your design decisions, and there will be times that you need to be open to others’ input. Take in constructive criticism positively, and improve upon it. It is all for the betterment of the final product.

Work setting typically takes place in an office with little travel commitment. Working hours are highly dependent on the scale of the project you are assigned to. There may be times when you need to work extra hours.

Job Description
  • Design user-centric products and experiences
  • Ensure cohesive design across every page and every step a user will experience
  • Ensure final product is aligned with the vision of the UX team

Career Progress: Junior UI Designer > Senior UI Designer > UI Consultant