User Experience (UX) Manager


A UX manager puts together and manages a team and the working ecosystem, making sure that the UX deliverables are aligned with technical and business requirements.

Nature of the job

You need to have significant leadership skills as you need to manage and lead a big team of UX developers, designers, software engineers and IT experts throughout the development process. Roadblocks and challenges are inevitable, so you need to stay motivated despite it all and encourage your team to always put in their best efforts to develop quality user experiences. You need to be able to multitask and be very organised at the same time. Keep yourself abreast with the development updates because you will be the primary point of contact should the senior management wants to know the latest project status. As a manager, you also have to remove obstacles and resolve conflicts as they arise. People management is always tricky, but it can be done well with experience.

You may find yourself in back to back meetings, liaising with multiple parties for the most part of your typical work day. Staying back late to catch up on your own to-do list is not uncommon. There should be some flexibility in terms of work attire, tee shirts and jeans are generally accepted in this industry.


Job Description
  • Lead and coordinate every phase of user experience development process, including research, design, and testing
  • Outline functional specifications and project goals
  • Collaborate with UI developers, marketing team and software engineers in technical aspects
  • Study industry trends and market research feedback. Incorporate necessary improvements in upcoming update releases

Career Progress: UX  designer > Senior UX designer > UX Manager > UX Director/ Consultant