Treasurers monitors an organisations liquidity and ensure that there is enough capital available to cover risks.

Nature of the job

Treasury is all about the money. If you would like to be shown the monayyy, consider working in a financial institution or a large listed company. There will be more zeros behind than you can count. Of course, the pressure of dealing with substantial sums of money can be heavy, as missing a single digit can be disastrous…Hence, a good degree of numeracy is very important in this role.

In a nutshell, treasury involves keeping track of cash, managing short term borrowings and investments and managing foreign exchange exposures. In corporations, you will need to be responsible for maintaining relationships with financial institutions such as banks, raise funding for your business and ensure that financial controls are kept in check. You will be working closely with the CFO to monitor and manage the financial position of the company. You will also be exposed to payment systems such as RENTAS and SWIFT. You will work primarily in an office setting with the standard working hours of 9-5.

Job Description
  • Manage daily cash balances for operational and capital requirements
  • Forecast monthly cash flows and arrange placement of excess funds
  • Provide support for transactions in local bonds, forex, derivatives and money market
  • Monitor and highlight compliance, market and legal risks that may arise

Career Progress: Treasury Executive > Treasury Manager > Treasury General Manager > Chief Financial Officer