Transport and Logistics Coordinator


A transport and logistics coordinator is responsible for fleet management.

Nature of the job

Transport and logistics is an important part of the supply chain process. The scope of work may be similar to a distribution manager where the logistics and transport coordinator is also responsible for the coordination of goods throughout the order cycle. However, you will be more involved in all transportation matters. You will typically work in a third party logistics company, freights and shipping companies or supply chain consultancies, executing, directing and coordinating fleets.

You will need good organisational skills as your daily role involve the organising of schedules and routes and booking of sub-contractors or delivery partners to ensure that they adhere to delivery requirements and schedules. Working hours are flexible but tend to vary with weekend shifts not uncommon.

Job Description
  • Communication with clients, booking deliveries and planning routes
  • Allocation of budgets and resources for transport planning systems
  • Monitoring and negotiation of transportation costs such as fuel prices

Career Progress: Transport and Logistics Executive > Transport and Logistics Manager > Transport and Logistics Senior Manager > Transport and Logistics General Manager