Telesales/Telemarketing involves approaching customers, usually through cold calling to increase brand awareness or close a sale.  

Nature of the job

Some of you may dread the occasional call from an unknown number, picking up to discover that is another one of those pesky telemarketer or telesales. Nowadays, people would most likely resort to advertising through social media or mass messaging via whatsapp. Needless to say, telesales requires good communication and persuasive skills to close a deal and the ability to handle rejection. Nevertheless, if you are a little short on cash during your school holidays and prefer a flexible short term job which is office bound, then this is a suitable prospect. This job pays a minimum basic along with a commission, based on performance indicators such as number of calls or sales made.

Job Description
  • Contact customers in database to spread brand awareness
  • Identify business leads through market research
  • Report on feedback to the marketing teams

Career Progress:  Telemarketer/Telesales