Tax Adviser/ Tax Consultant


Tax advisers or tax consultants work closely with businesses or individuals to ensure tax compliance and cost-effective solutions.

Nature of the job

The two distinct roles in tax involve compliance and advisory. A role in tax compliance will involve helping your clients to file tax returns and make timely tax payments. A role in advisory involves understanding your client’s tax issue and advising on a suitable cost-effective solution.

You will often start work in a tax department of a professional services firm, usually in a compliance related role. As you gain more experience, you may move on to a corporate tax role in a company or a specialist advisory firm and specialise in certain fields of taxation. In certain cases, the clients you deal with may have investments that are liable to taxation in different parts of the world, so a tax advisor has to be aware of the latest developments that is happening in several jurisdictions.

This role requires a high level of analysis and problem solving skills. As tax rules can be complex and involve a considerable sum of money, tax advisors have to be extremely careful when giving advice to their clients.

Job Description
  • Ensure statutory tax computations are submitted on time and accurately
  • Propose effective tax planning procedures
  • Update clients on tax reforms
  • Management of indirect/corporate/income tax

Career Progress: Tax Executive > Tax Senior > Tax Manager > Tax Partner

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