System Support Specialist


System support specialists provide technical support to users when they experience software, or hardware or network related issues.

Nature of the job

You need to have significant problem solving skills for this role. When a user logs in a support request or contacts the help desk, you need to be able to grasp the nature and severity of the issue, locate the root cause and propose a fix. If the issue is beyond your capability, be sure to make the proper referral to the correct department. It is essential to have proper phone etiquettes when you are taking calls from users. Some of them may feel frustrated with the issues they face, be understanding and patient, and stay professional throughout your conversation.

The work setting typically takes place in an office environment, clocking in the normal 9-5. You spend most of your day in front of a computer with a phone on the side. It can be a relatively relaxing or busy role, depending on the systems you support.

Job Description
  • Address problems proactively by monitoring the system and setting up automated performance notifications
  • Assist end users with any technical issue that they may be facing
  • Troubleshoot or upgrade, when necessary, to ensure smooth business flow

Career Progress: Help desk support > System support specialist > System support manager