Supply Chain Coordinator


A supply chain coordinator develops and manages processes from procuring raw material to delivering the finished product to clients or customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Nature of the job

A supply chain manager is responsible for the process of buying and delivery of goods or services. You will typically be working for a large retailer or manufacturing company and will also work closely with the sales team to ensure the best buying practices are adopted, in line with company policy.

Apart from procurement and delivery, you will also be responsible for developing strategies that improve these supply chain processes such as the use of data analytics to identify pain points which can improve overall efficiency. Note that supply chains are present everywhere and you will be working across various industries. If you are interested in the area of supply chain management, read up on the world’s most powerful retailer through streamlined supply chain management – Wal-Mart!

Job Description
  • Developing a delivery system to ensure optimisation between product creation and shipment to customers
  • Monitor resources throughout the product development process

Career Progress: Supply Chain Executive > Supply Chain Manager > Supply Chain Senior Manager > Supply Chain General Manager