A Statistician using statistical models to interpret data or find solutions to problems.    

Nature of the job

Thanks to the revolution of Big Data and the vastness of data available to be tapped into, this role is fast becoming sexy again. In this tech-savvy era, companies are increasingly taking advantage of data mining to identify pockets of opportunity. Hence the emergence of interdisciplinary fields such as data science and business analytics which combines statistics with several other areas such as computer science, engineering or business.

Opportunities for statisticians abound. You can work in many different sectors which include pharmaceutical companies, transportation, finance, consultancies amongst others. Statisticians usually require a background in mathematics, statistics or any other quantitative-related field. Needless to say, you need to be good at mathematics to be in this field.  Work will primarily be in an office setting with the standard working hours of 9-5pm.

Job Description
  • Compile data, analyse, interpret and present quantitative information  
  • Provide advice and give recommendations based on findings

Career Progress: Assistant Statistician / Statistical Analyst > Statistician / Lecturer / Research Scientist / Consultant

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