Solution Architect


A solution architect is part of a solution development team. He or she is responsible for the design of applications or services within a company.

Nature of the job

Solution architects are technologists who work in the information technology industry. To succeed in this role, ideally you need to have the technical competence of a developer and the business skills of a business analyst. Strong people skill is imperative as you will be working closely with customers, business development, engineering and product teams. Have a clear understanding of customer objectives, break down complex situations into simpler forms, craft solutions, mobilise resources, and most importantly, deliver results. On top of crafting solutions for new problems, solution architects should also drive continuous improvements. You should always examine the current system architectures and make the necessary improvements for better overall efficiency.

Working in an ever-evolving industry means that you always need to stay up to date on the latest technologies. Be aware of the newest versions of programming languages, database technologies operating systems, amongst many others.

Remember elegant solutions are always better than the complicated ones.

Solution architects typically work full time in an office setting. You may be required to work overtime occasionally, depending on the project deadlines.

Job Description
  • Develop scalable, flexible and resilient architectures to solve a given business problem
  • Drive the organisation to adopt the best practices around platform integration
  • Understand the risk in third-party frameworks

Career Progress: Software Developer> Business Analyst > Solution Architect