Recruitment Specialist/Consultant


Recruitment Specialists/Consultants attract and connect candidates to companies based on their recruitment needs and requirements.

Nature of the job

You must be a people person to do well in this role. Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills is important to seek business opportunities from client companies. A good consultant will make an effort to understand the working culture and environment and business of their client to identify suitable candidates to be matched. Remuneration is performance driven and often includes a basic plus commission, measured by the number of business leads or candidates successfully placed. Trainees can expect long working hours with a moderate amount of travelling involved as consultants have to meet clients and interview candidates outside the office. An experience consultant in a specialist sector may move on to freelancing or setting up their own consultancy.

Job Description
  • Headhunting or attracting candidates through social media, networking and advertisements
  • Review applications, manage interviews and shortlist candidates for clients
  • Negotiating salary and coordinating final arrangements for clients
  • Review recruitment policies and procedures

Career Progress: Trainee Recruitment Consultant > Recruitment Consultant > Senior Recruitment Consultant