R&D Manager


A R&D Manager leads and manages the R&D processes within an organisation.

Nature of the job

Your responsibility as a R&D Manager relies heavily on the industry and organisation that you are working in. This depends on the area of science whether in pharmaceutical, manufacturing companies or research bodies.  However, the basic principles and processes involved with R&D are similar across these areas.

You will work with other R&D specialists, conducting tests and experiments and presenting findings to others. In companies such as Apple, you will be involved in the development of a prototype, to be constantly refined and eventually approved to be mass produced. On a higher level, you are responsible for ensuring the smooth transfer of know-how and technology across other departments involved in the innovation process.  You will need excellent academic background for this role, preferably in a relevant science subject. Also, this job will require many trial runs and revisions, so a good degree of patience is a must!

Job Description
  • Provide technical oversight and expertise
  • Oversee daily activities of research design, concept and services teams
  • Identify areas for improvement and changes to be conducted in research or development processes

Career Progress: R&D Executive > R&D Manager > R&D/Engineering/Product Development Director