QA Engineer


A QA engineer, hired primarily in manufacturing and software industries, designs and executes product testing in order to identify and fix products’ flaws before they are launched to the market.

Nature of the job

QA is imperative to ensure the products marketed or distributed are safe for use or consumption. For example, when a software company wants to test a software, it will run it through a series of diagnostic tests at different stages of development, from start to finish. This is to ensure the user interface and functionality work as per design intent, and they measure up to company standards and consumer expectations. Remember, there is nothing like a substandard or a defective product to tarnish a brand reputation.


On top of compliance, you also need to ‘break’ the product as part of stress test. As they say, break it to fix it. You ‘break’ the product to discover its weak spot or bugs, so that you can implement a fix either to the product design or the manufacturing process, whichever necessary.

Your reward = fixed pay + annual bonus + job satisfaction (that money can’t buy!)

Job Description
  • Monitor every phase of software or manufacturing development process to ensure design quality and compliance
  • Suggest improvements or evolution of overall development practices, including quality assurance, defect tracking etc
  • Identify user stories then implement and execute test cases accordingly

Career Progress: Junior Engineer > Senior Engineer > Technical Lead/ Engineering Manager