A psychiatrist specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental health disorders.  They are trained medical doctors and can prescribe medications.

Nature of the job

Mental health support is virtually non-existent in a majority of developing countries and social stigmas still surround mental health patients and practitioners. Nevertheless, many of us would have encountered someone who suffers from dementia, depression, schizophrenia or has bipolar or eating disorders in one form or the other.

This is literally a mentally tough and challenging job and will require an emotionally resilient person. You may also be exposed to physical risks with patients undergoing severe strain. However, seeing through a patient from initial treatment to resolution can be a very rewarding experience. Needless to say, you will need to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a strong ability to empathise with and understand your patients. You will also need social perceptiveness (a high EQ!).

Typical 9-5pm working hours. You can easily achieve work-life balance in this role. Part-time work is also possible. You will usually start out as a trainee and be expected to work on call. On a more senior level, you can run your own practice or be employed part time on short-term contracts.

Job Description
  • Assess, diagnose and treat patients’ mental health conditions
  • Recommend treatment plans which include psychological, medical and social interventions
  • Work with psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists and psychologists

Career Progress: Trainee Psychiatrist > Consultant Psychiatrist

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