Project Engineer (Construction)


A project engineer acts as a liaison and is responsible for both technical and project management aspects of a project.

Nature of the job

Many project engineers start off with technical/ engineering roles. Such background is helpful as they take up new responsibilities in project engineering as they need to be technically sound to interpret the complexity and feasibility of job designs. This job requires a lot of coordination and communication with building engineers, management (for project status update) as well as other construction personnels, so a friendly, teamwork attitude is essential. You will be based in an office, but do expect regular travels to the construction site to follow up on development progress, to make sure everything is on schedule and within budget. This is a fairly 9-5 job, with occasional overtime commitment especially for projects with tight timelines.

Job Description
  • Primary technical point of contact. Utilise engineering knowledge to filter non feasible ideas during discussion with other departments.
  • Plan and craft out project schedule and resource forecasting according to the complexity of the project
  • Oversee overall engineering work and responsible for its quality control

Career Progress: Civil/ building engineer > Assistant project engineer > Project engineer > Project manager