Producers act as project managers for their productions, be it film or TV shows. They manage and oversee the entire project lifecycle, including the post-production process. They make decisions on the business and financial aspects of the project.

Nature of the job

Forget about going home for dinner. You will be working long, irregular hours and even on weekends, following the production schedule. This role will require you to be mobile, as with most films you need to shoot in different locations and sometimes in remote and hard-to-access locations. It is important to make sure that you are fit enough to keep up with the excessive traveling.

You must be wondering, why would anyone still want to pursue a career in this field if the hours are long, the social life is almost non-existent, and the pressure is constantly high? Truth is, the job satisfaction is immense to produce a highly popular TV show or movies. You or your production may receive coveted recognitions from Teen Choice Award, Grammy or the likes! As for financial earnings, you could pocket in millions of dollars if you are a big time producer for Hollywood blockbusters! Think about major productions like Lord of The Rings, The Avengers and Wonder Woman!

Job Description
  • Select the right script/ secure the movie rights for novels or screenplays
  • Raise funding or look for investors to fund the production
  • Hire key staff like film director, screenwriters and the production crew
  • Control the finance and expenses of the production
  • Organise production schedule and make sure it is completed on time

Career Progress: Runner > Production assistant/ Actors > Producer