Procurement/Purchasing Manager


A procurement or purchasing manager is responsible for buying the best quality items or services at the best possible rates on behalf of their company.

Nature of the job

Procurement teams are responsible for the buying of products or services whilst considering value, quality or service and delivery schedules. The scale of your role depends on the organisation and sector you work in. For example, as a procurement manager in retail or manufacturing, you will be working closely with the supply chain management team. For others, you may be responsible for the negotiation and monitoring of service contracts, development of purchasing strategy and liaising with suppliers, internal departments or customers on product/service purchasing requirements.

You will need to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest price trends. Good commercial awareness is necessary to forecast movements and analyse trends in prices. You will also need to demonstrate good tact and have a flair for negotiation. Knowledge in systems such as e-procurement systems is an added bonus.

Job Description
  • Recommendation of best products and suppliers based on bids evaluation other commercial factors
  • Ascertain best products and negotiate best prices with suppliers
  • Monitor quality of products and services provided

Career Progress: Procurement Executive > Procurement Manager > Procurement Senior Manager > Procurement General Manager