Process Engineer


Process engineers develop the industrial processes or manufacturing methods that convert raw materials into the desired goods. Think clean water, food and drinks, plastics, toiletries and etc.

Nature of the job

This line of job requires application of chemical principles to design and maintain chemical processes for manufacturers. That said, the working environment may take place in laboratories where you carry out multiple experiments to derive the best procedures. Apart from technical competencies, excellent communication skills would be very helpful when you communicate ideas or findings with management, clients, fellow engineers and technicians.


You can seek for such employment opportunities in oil and petrochemical companies, water treatment organisations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, nuclear plants or consultancy firms.

Your reward = fixed pay + annual bonus + job satisfaction (that money can’t buy!)

Job Description
  • Research and develop viable methods to convert raw materials into desired finished products
  • Design, assess, install and upgrade engineering equipment
  • Evaluate plant safety and environmental impact

Career Progress: Junior Engineer > Senior Engineer > Technical Lead/ Design Consultant/ Engineering Manager/ Plant Manager