Political Analyst


Political Analysts studies political systems and foreign government policies and advise national leaders on various issues. They also analyse and forecast election results and political trends.   

Nature of the job

If you are very interested in the political history of your country, foreign government relations, politics, public policy and constitutional affairs and have the gift of gab then this is the role for you. All those Sejarah lessons on the history of Malaya clearly was got to waste on you ☺  As a Political Analyst, you should have good research and analytical skills, critical thinking and be able to engage audiences well both orally and in writing. More so, you have to be very knowledgeable about your government and law. As you are the expert, your opinions will be sought on various political issues. You must be able to think on your feet and react calmly in heated situations to give the perfect politically correct response!

Job Description
  • Write and prepare briefs and answer enquiries on political topics
  • Evaluate impact of policy and legislative changes and current events
  • Collate and analyse data from public opinion surveys and elections
  • Forecast political, social and economic trends

Career Progress: Research Assistant > Political Analyst/Scientist > Senior Political Analyst/Scientist