As a pilot, you will fly either passengers or cargo. This can be for commercial, leisure or business.   

Nature of the job

As a pilot, you would have to take overall responsibility for operation and safety of the aircraft and its cargo/crew/passengers. The responsibility can be a heavy one and training to be a pilot can be quite intensive. You will need to be responsible and be committed to this role as it would require passing regular training courses to maintain your license. Your working hours will vary and this depends on whether it is a short or long haul flight. For long haul flights, you will be required to spend a greater amount of time away from home and stay overnight at other locations. You must also have excellent spatial awareness and coordination, be able to react quickly to emergency situations and have a calm head on you!

Job Description
  • Responsible for flight plans which includes route taken, fuel required and altitude of flight
  • Carry out pre-flight checks and update post flight reports
  • Conduct regular checks on technical performance, aircraft position, weather conditions, air traffic etc during flight

Career Progress: First Officer > Senior First Officer > Captain