A physiotherapy helps people that experience physical difficulties due to injury, sickness, or disability, through manual therapy, exercise and education.

Nature of the job

Apart from having a real passion in human anatomy and physiology, being a people person is one of the desired traits of a physiotherapist, as your patients may come from all age groups, including children, stroke patients, the elderly and also people with sports injuries. Have compassion and develop genuine care for the wellbeing of your patients. Be firm, yet patient and encouraging at the same time so that your patients can be diligent in their therapies, especially for those with long term conditions. Provide mental support when your  patients feel discouraged if they achieve no or slow progress.

This line of job can be very busy and physically demanding, but it can also be very rewarding. Imagine helping patients with walking difficulties to walk properly, or even run, the job satisfaction is just immense. What you do is literally life changing.

You may work in a variety of settings, be it on a full time, part time or locum basis. You can opt to work at a sports injury clinic or local hospitals. There is a healthy market demand for this job, as your skills are much needed in elderly care, orthopaedics, stroke services, intensive care, amongst many others.

Job Description
  • Assess, diagnose and treat patients’ physical conditions
  • Develop customised treatment that encourage exercise and movement with the correct techniques and equipment (if needed),
  • Guide patients during their therapy sessions, and provide mental support

Career Progress: Physiotherapist > Specialist / Management role

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