A photographer captures moments using a camera. He or she has an artistic angle on people, landscape, food, buildings, and just about anything.

Nature of the job

Many photographers are self employed, though there are still few who own a physical studio. Freelance photographers usually work on assignments like pre-wedding shoot, product shoot or graduation day shoot. It is important for you to build a decent and impressive portfolio to secure a job in the beginning of your career. Once you are more established and have built a name for yourself, chances are you will be getting many jobs through referrals.

Many photographers venture into this field because they have a burning passion for photography. They always manage to find an artistic angle to every subject, and they are quick to click on their shutter before a precious moment slips. You also need to master the technical skills to work around a DSLR. The idea is, know your camera, know your subject, and capture the photo at the right moments.


It is important to know that it can be a physically demanding job. For starter, you need to carry your heavy DSLR(s) along with multiple lenses, lighting equipment, tripod, props etc, to various locations, depending on the shoot. Sometimes you may find yourself climbing mountains, or diving into the sea to get some breathtaking shots. There will also be times where you need to wake up at wee hours to cover a wedding day shoot. It can be as early as 5am in the morning and work all day until the wedding reception dinner. It can be demanding, but for someone who truly loves photography, they derive great job satisfaction from being able to freeze memorable moments for their clients for eternity.

Job Description
  • Maintain and update digital portfolio on your website or social media platform regularly to reach out to more potential customers
  • Meet up with clients to understand their requirements for the photoshoot. It can be a fashion shoot, pre-wedding shoot or product shoot.
  • Perform the photoshoot and perform the post processing work
  • Conduct photography workshops

Career Progress: Photographer