Also commonly known as chemists, pharmacists are healthcare professionals that focus on safe and effective medication use.


Nature of the job

Filling prescriptions and dispensing medications are not as straightforward as they may sound. A pharmacist must use their extensive knowledge of medication usage, allergens and regulations to tailor to each and every patient’s conditions. You also need to keep yourself updated as the new medical drugs are made available in the market for they may present new, effective solutions to certain health issues.

Dispensing the wrong medications or the correct medications but of wrong dosage can have serious consequences concerning patients’ health. So as a pharmacist, you need to demonstrate very high standards of accuracy and attention to details. You also need to be able to explain clearly to the healthcare team and patients on proper usage of medications.

Pharmacists can work in either retail pharmacies (neighbourhood pharmacies or chained-pharmacies such as Guardian, Watsons), or hospital pharmacies, or doing research or running clinical trials in pharmaceutical companies. Working hours depend on the nature of your workplace. You may be required to be on call or work on weekends.

Job Description
  • Advise physicians on the selection, dosage, interaction and side effect of medications
  • Counsel patients on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Ensure that the prescription and supply of medications are suitable for patients and within the law

Career Progress: Pharmacist > Prescriber/ Consultant

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