Operations in investment banks is responsible for day-to-day processing and settling of transactions made.

Nature of the job

Investment banks and financial firms transact trillions of dollars every day. In an industry that deals with complex products involving large amounts of money under time pressure, efficient practices are important to ensure the smooth running of operations. The operations team are the backbone of this transaction life cycle. In operations, you are responsible for providing support from the initial booking of trades throughout the day and settlements post-trade. Your role is to ensure that each transaction is cleared, settled and properly accounted for. You will also be involved in the development and administering of new systems to ensure that the systems operate smoothly and is reliable. In the case of large organisations, a role in operations may be limited to a specific product such as securities or derivatives. An analytical mind, attention to detail and a good degree of numeracy is required for this role. You can achieve a good degree of work life balance too. This job is office based.

Job Description
  • Ensure proper running of compliance processes to clear and settle transactions
  • Monitor activity and prepare reports on transactions daily
  • Reconcile systems through data flow checking

Career Progress:  Analyst > Associate > Vice President > Executive Director > Managing Director