An oncologist is a medical doctor that specialises in treating cancer patients.

Nature of the job

There are three main field of oncology, namely medical, surgical and radiation, each representing a possible treatment method for the patients.

While delivering the most suitable cure to patients, especially those that detect cancer at advanced stage is medically challenging, however, not many talk about the emotional turmoil that an oncologist has to face. You need to be very sensitive in delivering the news to the patients and the families, as ‘cancer’ is easily one of the most feared terms in the universe. How to be realistic but encourage patients to hopeful at the same time? How to answer difficult questions like ‘How much time do I have left?’? How to suggest end-of-life planning to terminally ill patients?

You need to be the ‘stronger pillar’ that your patients can depend on. Support them from the start through treatments till recovery or end of life.

Albeit tough, there is no other satisfaction that can compare to the one saving lives.

Job Description
  • Explain the cancer diagnosis and stage/ development to the patient
  • Discuss relevant treatment options and give your professional recommendations
  • Help patients to manage cancer-related pain or post treatment side effects

Career Progress: GP> Oncologist > Consultant

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