Nutritionists advise on the impact of food and nutrition on health.

Nature of the job

To succeed in this role, you need to be caring and empathetic so that your patients or clients feel comfortable to open up to you. You need to listen carefully to understand and analyse the issues they are facing. Speak clearly in layman terms while you explain the condition and eating plans to patients. It requires a lot of discipline to commit to new eating/ nutritional habits, so be encouraging when your patients fall through in sticking to the plan. Encourage them, and get them back at it. Persistence is the key.

The workplace settings can be hospitals, nursing homes, or schools. There are also many nutritionists who are self-employed. They work as consultants, providing advice to individual clients. The working hours are quite 9-5 for most, with more flexibility for the self-employed ones. Work-life balance is very achievable with this role.

Job Description
  • Assess and counsel patients on nutrition issue and healthy eating habits
  • Develop meal plans, evaluate and alter if needed

Career Progress: Nutritionist > Consultant

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