Mobile App Developer


Mobile app developers are a branch-out from software developers. They specialise in building apps for mobile platforms, such as iOS for Apple, Android for Google and Windows Phone for Microsoft.

Nature of the job

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets in today’s world, it is definitely no exaggeration to say that the demand for mobile app developers has never been stronger. Almost all companies that have a webpage would or plan to develop a mobile app to maintain high visibility among smartphones and tablets users. Not to mention there are always a bunch of creative tech geeks who would code and spin out some apps from their home basements. So to really stand out, you need to have superior programming skills. You need to keep yourself abreast with the newest and latest trend and development in the mobile platforms to stay ahead of the game. Soft skills are very important too. You will be working closely with analysts, project managers, software engineers and other app developers for a significant part of your job, so being a team player with strong communication skills is definitely a bonus.

There are full time opportunities, typically with mammoth companies like Apple or Microsoft, but self-taught freelancers are aplenty too. Working hours are dependent on project schedule. Working late into the evenings are not uncommon when there are deadlines to meet. Otherwise, there are plenty of flexibility with this role, in terms of work outfit and locations. You can work remotely as all you need is a powerful computer with fast and stable internet connection.

The ultimate challenge remains. Can you design the next BIG app? :)

Job Description
  • Design and develop apps in line clients’ requirements
  • Responsible for the development of application programming interfaces (API)
  • Test quality and functionality of apps before going live
  • Monitor for bugs and devise fixes

Career Progress: Mobile app developer > Team leader > Project manager > Tech Department Manager > CTO