Medical Sales/ Representative


Put simply, medical representatives are the intermediary agents between pharmaceutical/ medical companies and healthcare professionals.

Nature of the job

Your primary role is to promote and sell the pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment to doctors or pharmacists. You will be spending most of your time at client site to take refill orders, introduce new products, increase product awareness and answer queries, so confidence and strong communication skills are essential. It is a 9-5 job, and once you establish a solid clientele base, you mostly only need to do some follow-up work. You will start off with a fixed base pay, petrol and phone allowance, and commission if you meet the sales target.

Job Description
  • Arrange for appointments and meetings with existing and potential clients to expand clientele base
  • Take refill orders and introduce new products
  • Review sales performance and maintain detailed records

Career Progress: Sales Representative > Sales Manager > Senior Sales Manager > Head of Sales