Media Buyer


A media buyer, usually employed by advertising agencies, is responsible for negotiating, purchasing, and monitoring advertising space on behalf of clients. The advertising space can be in the form of magazines, billboards, websites, radio stations and television stations. The ultimate goal is to secure the most effective media channel to reach out to as many targeted audience as possible, at the lowest cost possible.

Nature of the job

You must be organised and have significant multitasking skills to succeed in this role as you will be tasked to service several key accounts at a time. Keep an eye on the latest development in the media industry, get the distribution figures, assess the efficacy of each platform before deciding to purchase. You must work in the best interest of your clients by always negotiating for the best possible rates. Networking is a huge part of your job. It is important to have excellent interpersonal skills as you will spend significant amount of time on the phone or email or meetups, building business relationships with clients and media sales representatives. Networking lunches or dinners are common.  

You will work primarily in an office setting with the standard working hours of 9-5. This is usually a full time commitment.

Job Description
  • Discuss with clients to understand the targeted audience for a particular media campaign
  • Research and find suitable advertising platforms, be it print, radio, TV, or websites
  • Devise media buying strategies. Negotiate and purchase media channels for clients

Career Progress: Junior media buyer > Senior media buyer > Media Manager > Media Director