Marketing, Branding & Advertising


Marketing, Branding & Advertising involves the development of marketing campaigns to inform and generate interest for people to make purchase decisions via various forms of advertisements in the media and creating an association between the purchasers and the brand.  All three elements go hand in hand but for larger organisations, there will be separate departments for each function.

Nature of the job

As roles in marketing, branding and advertising can be very vast, there are many career paths available. If you are working in a corporate, in-house, you will be doing essentially different forms of marketing, branding or advertising. More so if you are working in a smaller company where you will be involved in development, planning, advertising, market research, media relations, brand management etc. A start in an agency would give you the opportunity to specialise in a specific marketing role. This area of work can be challenging at times as you have to work towards a tight deadline under pressure. Standard working hours but the need for over time and weekend work may arise closer to deadlines. To succeed in this role, you should have strong communication skills both in verbal and written forms.

Job Description
  • Develop and implement marketing/branding/advertising plans and strategies
  • Liasing with customers, suppliers and partner organisations
  • Monitor competitor activities and conduct market research

Career Progress:  Marketing, Branding & Advertising Executive > Marketing, Branding & Advertising Manager > Marketing, Branding & Advertising Director/Consultant