Lecturers are academic professionals who give lectures, typically in a college or university.

Nature of the job

Being a higher education lecturer can be incredibly rewarding. You get to teach about a subject that you enjoy. The job satisfaction kicks in when your students develop the same zest and start to do very well in the subject and later in their working lives. However, one needs to master practical classroom techniques to be an engaging lecturer. You need to be confident with public speaking. There will be a mishmash of bright students and those who lack interest in the subject, and the ultimate goal is to reach out to all, especially the latter ones. So these classroom techniques are imperative and they need to be tailored according to the audience. It is always nice to incorporate some creative elements into the way you conduct your lectures.

The work settings typically take place in universities and other higher education establishments. Working hours can be relatively flexible as you tend to have some gaps in between classes, of which you can work on your own research or other commitments. You can also choose to work from home too if you don’t have a class scheduled in for certain days.

Job Description
  • Plan, prepare, and conduct lectures
  • Write research paper and other academic publications
  • Supervise PHD students and research staff

Career Progress: Lecturer > Senior Lecturer > Principal Lecturer > Professor