Land Surveyor


Land surveyors determine property boundaries, prepare maps and survey plots accordingly.

Nature of the job

You may from time to time read about land acquisition news, but have you ever wondered how the land area and border is determined? After all, we are talking about large pieces of land of acres or hectares in size!

This is where the land surveyor wheels in. They are the experts when it comes to measure land size, delineate boundaries and create maps. They often use a GPS equipment during a land survey. The application of satellite data allows them to glean information of highest accuracy, which is important as the maps and land descriptions crafted are usually legal binding. Chances are when there are any property line disputes, you may be called in to present your findings in court! That said, you need to exercise very high standards of accuracy and precision in this line of work. Strong mathematical fundamentals and computer skills will come in handy when you are doing the measuring and plotting work. You have to be detail-oriented to perform your tasks well.

Certain level of physical fitness is required for this role, as land surveys take place in all types of topography and locations. You may find yourself walking on muddy ground or climbing up some steep slopes, while carrying your equipment which can weigh quite a bit. Some assignments may require some travel, so you may be away from home for a few days.

Job Description
  • Measure properties and pieces of land to determine boundaries or create a topography
  • Document findings by means of generating reports and drawing maps

Career Progress: Land Surveyor > Consultant