Lab Technician


Lab Technicians provides technical support in a laboratory. They utilise various types of lab equipment, machinery or computer programmes in carrying out R&D.

Nature of the job

A Lab Technician provides technical support to the research team. Your area of work includes testing, sampling, measuring, recording and using various analytical tools to analyse results of your tests. The materials or substances dealt with will depend on the organisation you work in, which are typically companies in the manufacturing line.

You will need good coordination skills to be able to handle technical equipment with accuracy. Problem solving skills through application of practical techniques and ability to write technical reports are required for this role. Working hours are fairly standard with some extra hours depending on shifts. Lab Technicians are typically employed on contract basis depending on the duration of a project. You will be working exclusively at a laboratory. Adhering to strict health and safety procedures are important as you may be exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Job Description
  • Perform laboratory tests to support scientific findings
  • Prepare specimens and samples
  • Maintain laboratory equipment and resources
  • Record and present results to seniors

Career Progress: Assistant Technician > Technician > Senior Technician > Lead Technician > Laboratory Manager