Journalists writes or distributes news or other information to the public.

You can choose to specialise in a particular segment such as news (area/ country/ world), sports, weather or entertainment.

Nature of the job

Similar to broadcasting, first thing to learn about the job is that deadlines are of utmost priority and they must be honoured to ensure the smooth flow of schedules. As demand for instant news feed, be in from Facebook, Twitter or other online sources grows, fast and accurate content is in vogue! Even for national newspapers, live online reporting and real time blogging is a growing area. Gone are the days of breaking news “breaking out” in print the next morning.

The competition within the industry is stiff. To stand out, you need to have the full package. You need to be nosy. Yes, you read that right. You need to have a nose for news, develop story angle, pursue leads etc. Being “thick-skin” is definitely a prerequisite if you want to succeed in journalism as you need a degree of persistence and determination in getting juicy leads and inside scoops.   It goes without saying that you need to stay updated on current events! You will also need strong multitasking skills! Expect schedules to be long, unpredictable and erratic. Despite this, be sure to deliver quality content and not just another click bait.

Job Description
  • Produce accurate content according to strict deadlines
  • React quickly to breaking news stories
  • Attend press conferences, investigate stories, conduct and record interviews

Career Progress: Junior Writer > Journalist / Reporter / Blogger > Columnist > Editor/ Publisher