Human Resource


Human Resources serve as an important link between an organisation’s management and its employees. They oversee and manage the human resources functions of an organisation.

Nature of the job

You must be a people person to do well in this role. Most would think HR as an administrative role, who deals with administration-related activities such as staff hires, staff leaves, medical claims, training records and the like. However, HR departments add value to an organisation more often than you think. Some HRs are involved with the strategy and planning in areas such as organisational development and can be crucial in setting the performance culture of an organisation. This is a fairly 9-5 job, with occasional overtime commitment especially for projects with tight timelines.

Job Description
  • Assist in HR policy and procedure implementation
  • Developing areas on performance management, equal opportunities and work conditions
  • Develop HR planning strategies and training

Career Progress: HR Executive > HR Manager > HR Director