Graphic Designer


Graphic Designers are professionals who creates visual communication using visual graphics or text for purposes of the published, printed or electronic media.

Nature of the job

Are you sometimes amazed by the level of ingenuity involved in advertisement on a billboard, magazine, poster or a product packaging? These are the handy work of graphic designers who require the creative and technical skill to conceptualise an idea and put it to paper. Effective graphic designs are those that can create a top of mind recall whenever you see something associated to it.

You will get to work together with a team of professionals such as a copywriter who develops the text that comes along with the advertisement, creative team, account manager, marketing specialists and printers. You may also get corporate accounts, in which case you get to work with corporate communications to develop a corporate brand. Designing work will involve you sitting and working in front of a computer, often for long periods at a time. Good time management is also important. Generally standard working hours with some flexibility unless you are working towards a deadline. You will also be based in an office/studio environment.

Job Description
  • Conceptualise product design and creative artwork through the use of computer-aided design such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash or PHP
  • Execute designs within timeline and budget

Career Progress:  Junior Graphic Designer > Senior Graphic Designer > Creative Director