Front End Developer


Put simply, a front end developer creates user-facing functionality for websites. He or she creates the content, layout and interaction.

Nature of the job

Front end developers utilise a mix of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to write the scripts to be embedded in a website’s HTML, breathing life into the site’s design. The code written will decide how a user sees or clicks, amongst many other functions, on a website. It goes without saying that to thrive in this industry, you need to have strong technical backgrounds. Fluency in main development languages is a must. You will work closely as a team with designers and back end developers to develop wireframes into the desired final products. Strong communication skills are always desired. You need to also have an eye for details. Identify specific user-experience related issues and propose concrete actionable solutions. You may be shouldering a lot of responsibilities but it is always rewarding being able to make an impact on user experience.

This is the kind of job you can walk into your office in your hoodie, ripped jeans and stained sneakers without being judged. Because chances are, you blend right in! You should be in the office during core working hours as there will be fair amount of interaction and discussion with other developers. Working hours can be stretched into late evenings when there are deadlines to be met.

Job Description
  • Customise user experience according to requirements
  • Create, edit and maintain website user interface
  • Perform necessary testing on the sites during the development stage. Debug if needed.

Career Progress: Junior developer > Front end developer > Senior front end developer > Team leader > Project manager > Tech Department Manager > CTO