Flight Attendant


A flight attendant ensures that passengers adhere to flight safety and security regulations while ensuring passengers’ comfort in a flight.

Nature of the job

If you love a jet-set lifestyle, then this is a career option to consider. As a flight attendant, you are required to provide excellent customer service, ensure the safety of passengers, administer emergency aid, deal with difficult situations, serve meals, sell duty-free goods and occasionally make sure that the toilet is not a biohazard. All this throughout the duration of a flight!☺

There is a list of requirements which candidates must meet for this role such as minimum age, height and health requirements. The selection process may be quite strict for some airlines too. Expect to work irregular hours at any time of the day/night/weekends/public holidays. You are required to be flexible with your working hours, even on days off. There will be a base pay with allowances for meals and accommodation. Some airlines may even provide additional language allowance.

Job Description
  • Responsible for pre-flight duties such as safety and security checks and cleanliness of aircraft
  • Informing passengers on safety procedures and checking all seat belts and galleys are secure
  • Ensuring the comfort of passengers from boarding to disembarkation

Career Progress: Cabin Crew > Purser > Senior Cabin Crew/Supervisor/Cabin Service Director