Fashion Designer


Fashion designers design and create clothings, accessories and footwear.

Nature of the job

Ever dream to be the next Karl Lagerfeld? Or Yves Saint Laurent or Marc Jacobs? Ever dream to design your own clothing line and have models showcasing them in their catwalks like in Project Runway? If you develop a passion for fashion design and aspire to be one, then do read on to understand a bit more about the role.

It goes without saying that you need to have strong drawing skills coupled with tasteful fashion sense to succeed in this line of work. The fashion industry is ever changing yet all embracing. You don’t have to play it safe all the time and design only what you think the mass public will endorse. You can be adventurous and design something that has never been seen or thought before and build a following for your brand. Bear in mind that to create a great piece, you need to know your fabric materials, textures and colours well. These are the variables that you can play around to bring your vision to life!

This aspect is often overlooked, but it is actually very important to have certain extent of business acumen. While it is common for fresh graduates to work back end and create designs for other labels, many of them would later on venture out and establish their own brands. Have some elementary understanding of finance, sales and marketing will definitely come in handy.

Job Description
  • Sketch your design ideas on paper or drape the fabrics on a mannequin to get a better visualisation
  • Select the desired fabric off the shelf or work with fabric manufacturers to create fabrics of your desired print, texture, colour and material
  • Oversee the production process
  • Engage distributors or resellers to market your designs

Career Progress: Fashion designer > Set up your own label