Equity Capital Market


Equity Capital Market bankers help their clients raise funds through equity or equity-related products which include shares and derivatives.


Nature of the job

Equity Capital Market help companies raise funds through equity or equity derived products such as shares or derivatives through IPOs, new security issuance or private placements. These products are then marketed and sold to investors. In the process, they also act as underwriters of these products, essentially making a commitment to sell these products at a certain price and charge a fee for these services. If there is not enough demand generated for these products, Equity Capital Markets or their banks will be obliged to buy these shares.

Bear in mind that this is not an entry-level job. You will more likely start out structuring equity products according to your client’s needs, preparing presentation slides for pitching to clients and preparing investor decks for road shows. You will also need strong communication skills as you will need to market these products to prospective investors in the syndication and distribution process.

Job Description
  • Pitch to and advise clients on the structure of financing
  • Conduct roadshows and meet investors
  • Underwrite shares

Career Progress: Analyst > Associate > Vice President > Executive Director > Managing Director

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